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Atif Aijaz

Experienced business coach & consultant

Atif is a dynamic and creative small business and leadership coach who empowers you to go beyond your own perception. With 20 years of professional experience, he empowers you to challenge the norms and your thought processes using a structured neuroscience-based methodology.

His experience and exposure allows him to switch roles between your coach, mentor and consultant  enabling you to create suitable yet-stretch solutions for your business.

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Business Plan and Growth Strategy

You can either be at the initial stage of setting up a new business or aiming for the growth of your existing business. We can work with you as a coach/consultant to help you create a simple yet effective strategy and business action plan. Our services include free business health assessment. We can act as your business coach, working with you and/or your partner 1:1. You can also use a combination of our coaching and consulting service, where we take accountability to deliver agreed business outcomes. 

We can also help you set up and register a new company in Australia.

Profitability & Operational Efficiency

We can help you identify areas of improvement, especially in your operations and marketing areas. YOu can also use our free business health assessment to get a quick glimpse at the health of your business. Acting as a  business coach, we will work with you to increase profitability and improve processes, reduce waste, set measurable KPIs and install a simple delivery system. In addition, you can use our consulting services to help you identify new products and introduce value-add services at better margins.

People & Culture

The most common challenge all small and medium businesses face is building "The Right Team®". You must bring the right person into your business, whether you have one or many employees. We can help you create a dynamic team to operate your business smoothly and focus on growth. Working with you as a coach/consultant, we help you write job descriptions with stretch yet realistic KPIs. In addition, we can support you or your HR person in your recruitment process to ensure you attract and hire the right person at a fraction of the cost of engaging a recruitment agency. Finally, you can use our training services to train and upskill your employees to be productive quickly. 

Leadership & Change

Most small businesses get stuck due to a lack of investment in leadership and the change skills of their top leadership (especially owners). However, we can coach you to get through this hurdle using a tailored plan designed by you and for your business only. Using the combination of our free business health assessment and the contribution compass profiling tool, we will work with you as a business coach to upskill yourself and guide your team through required changes using ADKAR methodology. 

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