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The primary aim of this profile is to aid individuals in comprehending their inherent energy and capabilities during challenging scenarios in both personal and professional life. The Contribution Compass report is generated by asking specific questions and analyzing 96 distinct data points, ensuring the report's results are highly dependable and statistically certain. The report incorporates a unique combination of iChing and eight avatars to determine your natural energy makeup.

The assessment of the team's natural energy distribution is a powerful tool that sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of the team. This allows you to determine the ideal profile that would bring balance to the team. This can be achieved through the relocation of an employee from another department or the recruitment of fresh talent to the team.

Avoiding the costs of hiring the wrong person is crucial for businesses. The recruitment support service can help you achieve this by preventing past mistakes and ensuring that you select the right candidate for the job. The service is designed to assist you in identifying the ideal person for the position without relying on a recruitment agency. By utilizing the Contribution Compass, you can attain similar results while saving money. This journey aims to aid you in defining the role's contribution to your team or organization, whether it is currently occupied or new. 

Join us for a one-day workshop that aims to help you gain a better understanding of your  and your team's natural energy and strengths. Through interactive activities and practical insights, you will learn how to apply these tools to enhance team engagement, performance, and communication, ultimately leading to improved business performance, efficiency, accountability, and collaboration. This workshop is perfect for executives, entrepreneurs, and team members looking to maximize their contributions to their team.

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