From An Employee to An Entrepreneur - Bridging the Gap

You know that feeling when you're at your desk, working diligently on your tasks, but your mind keeps wandering, dreaming about the day you can say, "I run my own business." Well, if you're nodding your head or thinking about someone you know in this situation, then this blog is for you. In this blog, I'll share four key strategies that can help you bridge the gap between being an employee and becoming an entrepreneur.

Building Your Competitive Edge

It's crucial to ask yourself, what sets you apart from your colleagues? Why should someone choose you for a task or project? What are you known for at your workplace? You may excel at continuous improvement or have a knack for inspiring teams. Whatever it may be, start building your reputation in that area. Your competitive edge is a game-changer, and you'll know you've succeeded when others start seeking your support and involvement in your niche.

Suppose you need help in identifying your strengths. In that case, you can even utilize tools like the Contribution Compass to understand your strengths and natural energy, which can further refine your competitive edge.

Being Agile and Adaptive

The second strategy to embrace is being agile and adaptable. In the fast-paced world of work, change is the only constant. New leaders, shifting business strategies, evolving budgets, or team restructures can happen at any moment.

To thrive as an entrepreneur-in-the-making:

Building Your Network

Relationships matter, whether in a job or running a small business. People prefer doing business with those they know and trust. So, even within your job, make it a habit to connect with people outside your immediate team. Attend formal meetings, grab coffee with colleagues from other departments, and utilize professional platforms like LinkedIn to expand your network further. Participate in industry events, connect with opinion leaders, and learn from those who have already achieved success. Building your network helps you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and keeps you informed you about industry happenings.

Taking Calculated Risks

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with risk-taking; it's time to change if you've been hesitating because of fear. Start small and take incremental steps to build your risk appetite.

This might mean speaking up in meetings, proposing new ideas, or trying out innovative approaches in your job. Encourage your team members to take the lead on projects. Be bold in constructive challenges based on logic and data. These experiences will prepare you for the more significant risks of running your own business.

By building a competitive edge, being agile, expanding your network, and taking calculated risks within your job, you're already on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.

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