How to choose a business coach ?

When looking for a business coach, it is crucial to consider several qualities:

Understanding the difference between a coach and a mentor is crucial. A mentor can share their experiences; it is your job to pick and choose what will work for you. A business coach uses a structured approach based on research to help you find your own unique solution. The ideal coach must be experienced in helping businesses grow irrespective of their industry or specialty. 

Before choosing a business coach, it is vital to consider the coach's qualifications, certifications, and educational background. Just because someone ran a successful business in the past does not guarantees that what they share with you will be applicable in current times. Formal business qualifications, exposure to various industries and knowledge and experience in using global practices like lean six sigma, human-centred design and change methodologies create an opportunity for you to learn and apply these in your business too.

No magic happens if a business coach cannot adopt an effective communication style to suit you and your team's needs. A good coach should be able to actively listen to what you want to say and present it to you in a way that sparks creativity, commitment, and energy in your action. They should hold you accountable and inspire you without appearing pushy or bossy.

Look for an adaptable coach who can customise their approach based on your needs. The main reason you should get a coach is to use a structured yet flexible system that suits your business, and you walk away learning a new way of solving a problem. In addition, coaching should make you more independent and empower you to tackle challenges in future. Be aware if a business coach walks in with a folder or set of templates and forces you to follow them blindly.

The coach should professionally conduct themselves and be able to maintain confidentiality. When you work closely with an individual regularly and share the most confidential challenges of your business, it is natural that you build close relationships and frankness. A good coach always keeps the objective of their engagement paramount. They always stay within the fine line of privacy and confidentiality. A professional coach keeps the information about your business and you private from other clients.

The coach's objective is to inspire you to reach beyond your limits. A coach should always be positive, inspiring and supportive. A business coach should motivate you to challenge your thought processes and stretch your abilities and goals. 

A coach should provide an unbiased and outside perspective, offering honest feedback and recommendations. It would be best to have positivity, but it must come with accountability and realistic goal-setting. Setting a clear goal from the get-go also helps you hold your coach accountable.

A business coach should be able to understand the challenges and empathise with business owners. They must spend time understanding your situation and your business entirely. Only by understanding your unique challenges will they be able to create help you create a tailored and customised action plan. Empathy is even more critical when they are helping you enhance your team culture and productivity.

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