I am a successful business owner, do i still need a business coach ?

Imagine if you asked this question from an elite and successful athlete or a sportsperson. Their response will be simple, yes. One thing that is common with all world-class elite sportsperson is that they all have coaches; however, the most crucial thing to notice and remember is that most of their coaches are neither as good as them nor as successful. But without these coaches, an elite sportsperson will never reach the success they have. If you don’t believe me, look closer at the support squad of Roger Federer or Usain Bolt. 

Being successful now does not guarantee that you will be successful always. The world in which you are operating is changing by seconds. There are always new competitors, technology, products, services and factors like covid changing the gameplay rapidly. An individual can’t tackle these challenges in isolation. These risk multiples many folds if a business owner is hardwired to their ways of doing things and mindset because that brought them success in the past. It’s like the blind spots while driving a vehicle; you can’t see them without the support, so you cannot mitigate against them.

Most business owners start their business from scratch. They make tremendous sacrifices and significant changes to make it successful. This history makes it difficult to recognise that ongoing sustainable success does not require quantum leaps but minor yet continuous improvement. Business owners keep frustrating themselves by looking for the next giant leap or innovation, and hence most end up either diversifying or moving into a new business. But if you look at the elite sportsperson, they don’t become hugely successful by changing the sports but identifying and improving their existing strengths in a minuscule way every day. 

Whether you are starting a business or already runs a successful enterprise being a business owner and a CEO is like being in an isolation cell. You are responsible for every action, but you have no one to consult and have honest feedback. A business coach can be that business partner, associate, critique, team member, and friend who will listen to you without bias and question you without fear. They will enable you to rise above your day to day operations, so you can sense the emerging challenges and explore invisible opportunities. Most importantly, a business coach will make you aware of your unconscious strengths and help you plan to take them to the next level. 

Who is a business coach? 

A coach is an unbiased and skilled partner, who with your help, builds a good understanding of you, your business and your aspirations. They are always there to listen to you without judgment and highlight the patterns, vibes, and emotions you cannot pick. Challenges you to go beyond the day to day and set stretched yet achievable goals. They help you make better decisions by challenging your thought processes, habits and ways of doing things. They upskill you along the journey with tools, approaches and mindset so you can grow as a person and an entrepreneur. A coach holds you accountable and, most importantly, teaches you to take time to acknowledge and appreciate yourself and the people around you because nothing is either achievable or worth it without you.

Here are seven reasons why you still need a business coach:

A business coach can help you identify your risks and put together growth strategies to achieve your vision. Why not take our "Business Health Assessment" to discover the areas you need to focus on to build a sustainable and self-propelled business. 

You can also book a complimentary coaching session with Atif to discuss your immediate challenges and create an action plan.